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Разработка сайтов :

графическое оформление сайта
навигация по web сайту
структура web сайта
раскрутка сайта
портфолио сайтов
портфолио flash сайтов
портфолио flash презентаций
портфолио flash заставок
Developing a successful Internet business is the ultimate goal of the Internet entrepreneur. However, statistics show that most Internet businesses never make any real money.

You must also realize that success isn't going to happen overnight. There will be many obstacles along the way and a great deal to be learned. However, anything worth having is worth working towards and won't come easy. There will be many long days and sleepless nights. However, if everything falls into place, and you plan each step very carefully, the end will justify the means.

The largest obstacle you will ever encounter is fear -- fear of the unknown -- fear of change -- fear of failing. Fear is the root of failure and prevents dreamers from living their true passion. They fail to try.

Above all else, you must take the first step to overcome your fears. With each step you take, you will become a little closer to achieving your dreams. As long as you keep trying, you'll never fail.